My research in brief

My research stands at the intersection of environmental ethics and the philosophy of ecology. It aims to elaborate the theoretical foundations of the moral considerability of ecosystems.

On the one hand, I look at how the concept of health could provide an adequate account of the good of non-sentient entities (such as plants and ecosystems) distinct from the paradigmatic notion of interest central to classical ethical theories. On the other hand, I explore how, in the case of ecosystems, the ethical consideration of this good could derive from the sentiments of awe and wonder (the sentiment of the sublime) elicited by their scientifically informed contemplation.

Articles in preparation

“Clements's Superorganism vs. Gleason's Individualism : A Debate about the Existence of Ecological Types”.

“Ecological Functions as Contextual Properties of Metabolic Units”

“John Muir’s Serene Sublime and its Roots in Scottish Aesthetic Philosophy”.